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"I highly recommend the activation therapy I have been undergoing with Debbie Cohen, the results are amazing and I am feeling great. This treatment works on the whole body, addressing imbalances and the results are incredible. I feel more energized that I have felt in years."
Nov 08, 2020
"Excellent physio. Always felt great after each session. Highly recommend Debbie"
Aug 28, 2020
"Really helped me and my wife Excellent Physio - one of the best in town Highly recommend "
Aug 26, 2020
"Debbie is the best Physio. I can’t recommend her enough."
Aug 26, 2020
"Debbie is always a great help"
Aug 25, 2020
"Debbie is the best! I wouldn’t think of going to any other Physio. "
Aug 25, 2020
"Excellent, professional care. I have suffered from back/joint pain for several years. Debbie is one of the best, if not the best, Physiotherapists that I have been to. Her approach is specific to your body, well rounded and holistic. She listens attentively and has extensive knowledge in her field. I would highly recommend this practice. "
Aug 25, 2020
"My son and I are patients of Debbie and her team. We have benefitted very much from Debbie's wholistic approach. She looks beyond a presenting symptom and this has enabled us to get the medical intervention that we needed as well as an understanding of what our conditions mean for our daily living. In particular, Debbie's use of activations in addition to regular physio, enabled my son to literally change from a reserved, closed child living with constant pain from his hypermobility and inflammation, into an outgoing, confident and happier boy. He himself said (at age 13) that life is not worth it without trying activations. Debbie's caring and commitment to us is an expression of how she always goes the extra mile. "
Aug 25, 2020
"Debbie is absolutely phenomenal! She cares for her patients and will go the extra mile to put her patient first and ensure the best possible treatment! Debbie has miracle hands and can work absolute wonders on any area that you might be suffering with. I have been a patient of Debbie’s for the last 10years roughly, and would highly recommend her."
Aug 24, 2020
"Debbie is an outstanding physio. I have used her services for many years and I am very happy "
Aug 23, 2020
"Debbie and her team always provide an exceptional experience and always make a plan to accommodate patients. Can not recommend more highly!"
Aug 20, 2020
"Debbie is an expert, who helped me to recover from debilitating chronic condition. I have spent 3,5 years trying to sort minor problems, and my condition went from bad to worse. I had to give up on work and social life. I moved from one therapist to another. Debbie brought me back to life with her expertise, generous care and human touch, not often seen. My long journey is over and I remain grateful for the rest of my life."
Jul 26, 2020
"With Debbie Cohen's assistance and an effective course of treatment, my mother has been back on her feet since November. My mother has regained her independence. The level of care received in Debbie's practice is exemplary. Thank you Debbie"
Jan 29, 2019
"Thank you so much to Debbie for the wonderful service given to my daughter and for helping her at such short notice, after her treatments she was a different child! "
Nov 12, 2018

I first saw Debbie in mid 2017, when my treating urologist referred me to her. I really didn’t have much faith that Physio for one’s bladder could work but decided to try it. At the time, I was on bladder medication and going through about 3-4 incontinence pads a day! My condition had been getting progressively worse as I got older, having suffered with an overactive bladder for almost all my life. I had been seeing urologists for most of my adulthood and before seeing Megan Fisher, they had all but run out of options to help me. Megan Fisher referred me to Debbie Cohen believing that the problem I had could be treated with Physio. I delayed a bit, not believing that (a) there was nothing surgically that could be done to fix me up, and (b) not having heard or experienced the fact that Physio can really help! I didn’t know what I was in for!

Debbie initially started treatment conservatively and then progressed to working on the pelvic floor area internally. She neither rushed me into it but didn’t take her foot off the pedal either. She guided me in the right direction not only with the physical treatment, but also a lot of counseling (whilst the physical treatment was taking place). This condition I had was so deep rooted and I think Debbie picked up on this and worked on both the physical, emotional and psychological aspects of the problem all at once. I had a breakthrough around July last year when I just felt more connected to my bladder and the control that I then leant to have by doing the pelvic floor strengthening treatment with Debbie. Slowly but surely I have made more progress with my bladder through the treatment with Debbie. The treatment has given me back the control over my bladder and has changed my life so much!

It’s been a journey and path that I had to walk down in order to get to where I am today. I recently went off bladder medication and also very happy to report that I have downsized my incontinence pads to mini which are dry at the end of the day on most days! I have come so far from when I first started and don’t have the anxiety and stress my bladder used to cause me. Debbie has been an amazing teacher, counselor and physician and I am eternally grateful for what she has done for me.

If you have bladder issues and your doctor refers you to Physio – do it because it works! I am living proof of that and everyday that goes by I am thankful for those who helped in this life changing journey.

Charmaine Tavares

Debbie is one of the best Physio’s that I have ever been to. She actually saved my life. Having been on s ventilator for 8 days I was taken off but 2 days later they wanted to put me back on the ventilator but I refused and said I wanted to see Debbie first. She went above and beyond to came to ICU at 6am to work with me and to help with my breathing. Due to her help and perseverance WE won and I never had to go back on the vent. G-d only knows how things would have turned out had they put me back on the vent. Thank you Debbie for all you did for me.

Des Schraibman

In autumn 2009, you helped us with our little girl, Rebecca. She had problems with breathing and we were also worried about her physical movement, which was not up to her age level. Everything is now fine with her and she is actually ahead of her age group when it comes to physical development. We went to physiotherapy, when we came home to Finland from South Africa, and Rebecca started to develop really quickly. The diagnosis was that she had been kept too much in babyseat and natural development had this way stopped in her lower body. Her development was so fast, that we were told that she is physicly talented child with very high IQ. She is truly happy little girl and our families little sunshine.

Thank you for all the help you gave us and all the best for you and your family,

BR Tuija

Debbie Cohen is an amazing person who is very easy to connect to, she is an amazing physiotherapist and we value Debbie as a client and physiotherapist.

We would do anything for Debbie.

We wish you all the luck and happiness.

Yours Safely

David Jacks

Managing Director

Med Medical Supplies and Rentals

To Whom It May Concern:

Re: Debbie Cohen

It was my pleasure and privilege to work with Debbie during the 10 years I spent as a private general practitioner.

She is an incredibly diligent physiotherapist who has years of experience behind her in most disciplines of physiotherapy. These include respiratory physiotherapy, chronic back pain treatment, shoulder injuries either degenerative or sporting related, carpel tunnel treatment, stress related conditions, post operative rehabilitation to mention a few.

She would never hesitate to help me with all complementary aspects of my patients care and the feedback from them was always positive. We had a very good working relationship based on accurate feedback and mutual referral. Her professionalism extended itself in the way in which she managed all the administrative aspects of her practice. She was always punctual and courteous. She always was willing to prioritize the patients’ well-being and this is indeed commendable.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you require any addition information, I would be only too happy to oblige.

Yours faithfully

Dr. Heather Lund

My relationship with Debbie goes back many years. I have had endless neck problems which she has been able to control with regular treatments and some gentle psychotherapy too!

But the story that is uppermost in my mind, is that of my mother’s recent hip operation. My mother is 77 years young and the family met in Cape Town on a sunny Friday morning. No sooner had we arrived than mom fell and broke her hip. In considerable pain she was transferred to the Vincent Palotti Hospital where she was operated on and physiotherapy was begun a few days thereafter.

Progress was painfully slow and the physician was not happy with her progress but had to discharge mom. We then flew her to Johannesburg in the hope that being near home would be a motivating factor to get mom moving as mobilisation was key.

My father flew back with her two days before our tickets were due and we duly arrived at the hospital. Mom was lying flat on her back and we sat with her. Her appointed physiotherapist arrived. He explained that when he attempted to sit mom up she was dizzy so he put her back in the bed as he was scared she would fall. Perhaps she was dizzy from lying flat I said and could benefit from being at 45 degrees. Hmm good idea he said. I asked about a suitable chair for her to sit in and he replied that the clinic had not bought the correct chairs so what could he do. None of this sounded right.

I met with the physician at 8 the next morning. Sure enough he confirmed my suspicions. If we continued in this manner, mom would never make progress with mobilisation. I called Debbie, who conveniently was in the hospital treating other patients. She quickly came round on her time (on a Saturday morning I might add), confirmed what I suspected, spoke to her connection at Med Medical Supplies and by the end of the morning mom had

a zimmer frame (on Debbie’s personal account to be reimbursed as a matter of urgency)

a sponge cushion to raise the level of the hospital’s La-Z-Boy

a treatment that included a walk clear across a 6 patient ward

confidence in terms of mobilisation and has continued to flourish.

I do not know what would have happened had we not had the benefit of Debbie’s knowledge, expertise and experience. She is my first port of cal on so many medical matters when it comes to referrals as well a caring ear at all times. Thanks Debs. You are my physiotherapist and my friend.

My name is Lesley Rosa, I am a 47-year-old female survivor of a deadly disease that killed thousands ofpeople. It has been three years ago since I had discovered I had caneer, the idea- of it was horrifying as my mind was worried as to who would be there for my children? Who will keep my husband company? What will happen in the future? This is the story of how I conquered my disease over breast cancer.

It was 286 of July 2007, I was in a stressful situation at the time and thus have neglected my health. When I discovered I had cancer,I had an operation which lead to the swelling in rny right arm. The suffering I had endured was terrible, until I had turned to Debbie Cohen – she helped me immensely through my toughest time. I followed a programme called the lymphoedema programme that she had suggested to me and because of this programme I have followed, my swelling has decreased substantially! Also Debbie has made my other lymph nodes work correctly again which really helps me a great deal today. Now my body feels back to normal and healthy again.

All my grateful thanks to you Debbie for your help and understanding.